PAW WAVE PERK Percussion Pet Massager for Dogs and Cats Designed to Help Massage Muscle Tightness, Improve Mobility and Recovery


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  • RELAX YOUR PET – With the Paw Wave massager, you can ease your pup’s aches and pains in no time. The soothing percussion waves are perfect for canine backsides as they provide deep relaxation that will have them snoozing within minutes!
  • IMPROVE MOBILITY – This deep-tissue massager loosens muscle tightness and stimulates blood circulation, which can help improve mobility and joint health for your pet. You’ll notice an improvement in mobility as well as a reduction in stiffness after regular use.
  • PREVENT INJURIES – The Paw Wave Perk can help to prevent injuries, improve performance in agility dogs and delay onset of age-related arthritis. It’s also great for older pets who may be experiencing mobility problems due it its age!
  • DECREASES PAIN – Massaging sore muscles and joints can help decrease pain and improve mobility for pets. This is especially helpful if you have an older dog or cat who may be experiencing age-related stiffness.
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED – Paw Wave Perk is used and recommended by veterinarians and pet rehabilitation specialists to treat muscle pain, hip arthritis and post surgery rehab.This massager is specifically calibrated for pets, with a motor that delivers just the right amount of intensity and amplitude for safe use at home

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